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Accounting and inventory solutions

Accounts Core

Accounting Solutions

Accounts core is a simple and easy accounting software for small business developed by Sparrow solutions. This software is very useful for trading & service companies. This can operate by a person with basic computer knowledge. Unlike other accounting software in market Accounts core covering a vast array of functions and services. Some of these features can be considered indispensable. Accountscore is a new class of cloud business finance software that intuitively integrates accounting, inventory and order management into a single application.
At first glance, it might appear that all accounting software is pretty much the same, offering accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, billing and a variety of other standard components. Yet beyond this core attributes lie dozens of other features, covering a vast array of functions and services.


Desktop & online applications

Accounts core has been developed as Desktop & online applications .online applications can be accessed through Mobile , Tab & other Devices .online accounting software helps you to check your business accounts anywhere in the world .

Accounting & reporting module

The Accounting & Reporting Module gives business owners fast, customizable access to the financial information and reporting tools they need to make critical business decisions..


Transaction details, Sundry creditors, Sundry debtors

Sales Module

Orders, Invoicing, Returns, Refunds and Payments

Purchasing Module

Purchasing, Vendor Management and Receiving Inventory.

Inventory Management

Items, Item Receipts, Inventory Adjustments, Units of Measure, Assembly/Bill of Materials.


Items, Item Receipts, Inventory Adjustments, Units of Measure, Assembly/Bill of Materials.

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HRMS solutions

Sparrow -Human Resource Management System

Sparrow HRMS is a comprehensive HR End to End solution which is capable to cater to large , Medium and Small companies. Our product covers HR operations starts from recruiting until termination / resignation and having unique modules like Recruitment, Employee Management and Portal, Leave Management, Appraisal Management, Payroll processing, Statutory requirements, Loan and Advances Management, Training Module and more...



Sparrow HRMS Recruitment modules complies of complete recruitment process. Process starts from candidate applying for the job directly using the web services. Entered resume will be available for short listing which will further can be converted for different levels of interview and until final list. Sophisticated search options reduces human effort and easy to find the right candidate. Finally recruited can be converted into employee with minimal data entry and eliminates entering same data again and again....

ESS (Employees Self Service)

ESS unique feature allows employees to handle their HR activities by themselves by reducing the headache of HR Department. Employee Portal allows employees to mark their attendance, entering their project details and activities, request for leave, training, travel,loan, advance, resignation. Employees can view their Salary Slip online and can take printout directly. Employee Appraisal screens enable employees to do their self appraisal and evaluation....

HR Functions

Our HRMS offerings include functionality to facilitate:

Attendance Management
Employee Self-Service
Manager Self-Service 
Work-flow Capabilities 
Succession Planning
Leave Management
Statutory Reports
Recruiting & Candidate Self-Service
Performance Management and Online Reviews
Alerts and Notifications
Training and Development 
Payroll Generation 
Employee Maintenance 
Travel Management
Organizational Charting 
Document Management
Integration to ERP
Salary Planning & Administration 
Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics


Sparrow HRMS Travel Management can be utilized for managing employee travel whether it is official travel or employees’ personal travel. This modules handles Travel Requests, Travel Approvals, Ticketing, Expenses, Travel Advances and Advance Settlement after returning from travel.


Employee Appraisal feature is one of the unique and attracting feature of Sparrow HRMS. This allows the appraisal function smooth, fully transparent and genuine. The modus operandi of the modules is:

1) Company can set the appraisal parameters against each employee or employee group.
2) Weightage can be defined against each parameter.
3) Attach parameter against employee or employee group.
4) Employee once log in, can do the self appraisal against each parameter defined.
5) Employee can make additional facilitation requests.
6) Once Employee submits his appraisal, his/her manager can validate the appraisal and mark his comments.
7) Manager can rate his employees performance and also can make recommendations for promotions, trainings etc..
8) Final Appraisal will be done by HR.


Payroll module handles complete pay check of employee. Earnings and Deductions defined will considered. Calculations made for Statutory deductions like IT,PF,ESI,GOSI and similar will be considered. Attendance will be taken from attendance module and any loans and advances from respective module for pay check calculation. Pay Slip can be visible for employee through HR Portal. Once the Payroll is completed the data can be integrated to ERP for payment processing..


Sparrow HRMS Training Modules helps companies to organize in-house and external training for their employees. This module allows employee to make training requests, HR Department to program trainings based on approvals, schedule training and trainer and conduct training sessions.


Loans and Advances Feature in Sparrow HRMS allow employees to request loans and advances, HR Department to process loans and advances, define repayment schedules and get the same deducted through payroll. Temporary or Permanent Stop payments also can be done through this module.


Attendance modules helps to clock in and out timings of the employee. Various types of reports can begenerated. Facility of uploading Attendances using excel or csv files are also available. Different types of shifts can defined and functioned using this module.

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