(Agriculture & plantations )

Agriculture & Plantations

Ever since its debut, sparrow solution has been a major player in the plantation and agriculture industry. On completion of the second version of “Luvia” a Complete Plantation ERP system, Sparrow has become a major player in the industry to compete against Corporate Giants like SAP.
Luvia is designed to be adaptable to any type of Land based production from Crop Plantations to animal farming. The quality of Luvia is heard far and wide and enquiries have been generated not only from Asian countries but also Africa and the Americas.
luvia is an easy-to-use, user-friendly ERP system, which helps to manage and plan entire processes of Plantation Planning, Human Resource and Payroll, production and sales, marketing and accounting.

custom software for agriculture and plantation industry from dubai's #1 software company


  • Extremely user friendly (can be used by staff with minimal computer knowledge)
  • Facility to manage multiple Plantations.
  • Built in Single or multi user mode.
  • Easily customizable to specific user requirements.
  • All MIS Reports Accessible through Mobile Phones.
  • Best in class product when compared in terms of economy and TCO
  • Improves operational efficiency and staff performance levels.
  • Quick Data sharing between plantation, factory and Head Office.
  • Auditor friendly reports.
  • Designed as per Indian Plantation Rules.
  • Adaptable Online Data posting facility.
  • Effective Labor Efficiency Analysis
  • Expense Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Employee Appraisals
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Employee Directory
  • Address Book
  • Recruitment Process

The main area covers

  • Land Preparation Management
  • Fertilization Requirements Management
  • Nursery Management System
  • Budgeting and Estimation Management
  • Planting Operation Management
  • HR and Payroll Management
  • Pest and Disease Control Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Accounting Management
  • Factory Management
  • Workshop and Equipment Management
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • MIS (Management Information System)