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Top 5 Software giants in the world

The global competition among the software companies made growth more challenging for all the companies worldwide.  However, top corporate giants’ remains in the same position where they exist. No wonder, how they could position at the top as always. Because… Continue Reading →

Facebook‬ has started to remove inactive Followers from Fan Pages

I know it is really wonderful to get noticed and popularized in the cyber world. No matter if it’s your personal account or business page. As business gives money, the popularity of your business page will make you more happier. … Continue Reading →

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business

          Digital marketing is the endorsement or promotion of your business with the help of electronic media. This is not like a traditional marketing system; this requires specific attention for its analyzing and working. However, the outcome… Continue Reading →

Design a website for your new venture

 Plan your business        First of all, you need to do is, research on your market, know your competitors, and know your targeted customers. As a result you can set and define a strategy for your business. For… Continue Reading →

Responsive web design in Ethan Marcotte’s concept

         The evolution from first general mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine to the modern Phablet is a miraculous one. As a result, a rich profusion of screen sizes also invented such as desktops, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, video… Continue Reading →

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