An Inventory Management gives detailed reports or records of things in one’s possession, especially a periodic survey of goods and materials in a stock.

  • Real-Time Inventory by Category & Location

Real time inventory provides comprehensive information’s in a format you currently use within a minute of the physical audit to be completed.  Real-Time Inventory Control Software package allows you to manage all aspects of your inventory including costing, reorder lead times, inventory turnover and projected run-rates.

  • Warehouse / Location Transfer

The Warehouse Transfer Tool is designed to allow, and track, the movement of stock from one location to another. This step also allows you to see what you have on hand for each item (at each location within the from warehouse). You can confirm how many you want to transfer and from where.

  • Track Inventory by Project

An important consideration when determining how to best manage a project is inventory. Project managers (PMs) must manage all resource inputs for a given project; how they approach this can increase or reduce costs dramatically.

  • FIFO and Weighted Average Cost by Item

FIFO is an acronym for first-in, first-out and means that the oldest inventory items are recorded as sold first. Essentially, FIFO assumes that inventory items are sold in the order in which they are acquired.

                The final cost assumption method for Mega Irrigation to consider is the weighted average. The weighted average method, also known as average cost, involves computing the weighted average cost per unit of inventory sold at the time of sale; it assumes that inventories are sold simultaneously.

  • Return Management

Returns Management Solution simplifies the returns process for retailers and manufacturers that want to improve service parts management and the value of returned asset.

  • Simple Inventory Planning

Simple Inventory Control is a professional stock control, inventory management & stock control for small business in accounting software.

  • Advanced Unit of Measure Conversion

Enhance planning and control when buying in one unit of measure, stocking in another and selling in another. Especially important when looking at availability to promise, ship or allocating required inventory.

  • Advance Pricing Matrix

T he Advanced Pricing Matrix is an incredibly useful tool, that allows you to set prices based on different conditions; such as the different stores on your account, customer types, quantity ordered, and even between certain dates.