HRMS software is the perfect tool to increase efficiency in administering your work force, keep a track of their outputs, and ensure compliance parameters are not breached. The markets are flooded with HRMS software which provides different features though some of the 12 helpful features which it should have includes.

  1. Rich User Interface

A rich user interaction is an interface model of a rich client. It is an interaction model that can support several input methods. As a rule of thumb, to be a rich user interaction, the model must perform in practice at least as well as current desktop applications, such as word processors and spreadsheets.

  2. Mobile Compatible

HRMS software is compatible with all devices such as mobile, tabs & computer. It’s a user friendly feature because it engage employee from day one with a mobile, social internet

  3. HR Domain Expert

Built from the inputs of domain experts with a collective experience of 10+ years in HR, rest ensured anything and everything you might need to make your HR progress easier.

  4. Cloud Based

In cloud based you can access data from anywhere at any time without dropping down the data

  5. Employee Self Service

Employee self services (ESS) is web-based applications that provide employees with access to their personal records and payroll details. ESS features include allowing employees to change their own contact details, family members and banking information and benefits.

  6. Security Administration

Security Modules in makes sure that only the right ones with authority are given permission to view the required documents and forms

  7. Integration

Integration allow 3rd Party ERP Systems, Bio metric Devices and Social Media platforms, to enable you to explore all possibilities available.

  8. Core HR Module

HR Modules including – feature to manage employee status, alerts & email, document management, leave & attendance management, payroll processing, asset management and much more

   9. Travel Management

Travel Management Module provides facilities for the user to initiate travel requests, get approvals; state claims and applies for reimbursement, all in a few clicks, without having to go through the whole usual process of tedious paper works.

  10. Requirement Module

The Requirements module enables users to define, manage and track requirements at all stages of the software life cycle .And also records the requirement in a neat manner for, both to make requirement smoother and for further reference

  11. Reports Gallery

Reports for all sorts of data with measurable X & Y Axis, the reports can be exported in either PDF or Excel (.xls) format.

  12. Document Management & Expiry Alert

Keeps your entire document in digital format under document management master. Without checking the expiry list you get notifications about expired documents.