If mobile provides all the accessibility what desktop provides then who is going to use a desktop or a space filling gadget? Yes, this is smartphone generation. No need to wait for your computer until it turns on. Technology is at your fingertip. Google knows this more than anyone hence taking a new big step. Technology giant google has decided to rank the mobile friendly sites higher from April 21. Ranking for Mobile friendly sites and surface app results will be higher in coming days. Google is expecting a significant impact on mobile searches worldwide. And also, if the user signed-in and installed indexed app while searching a query then google will start to explore more information and advantages from indexed apps.

Indeed, it is great news for mobile users and it will be a great advantage for these sites too. Google had started highlighting mobile-friendly sites in last year however this step will influence many website to build mobile-friendly sites as to get ranked in top. And also, Google is providing several tools to evaluate the page on mobile compatibility. This will help to make your site better.

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