Most of the newbie web designers make common mistakes while attending their first projects like making mistakes while writing an important exams in our school days. Simple mistakes but those have the capability to forecast their future. This can be avoided if we pay a little attention on the same. In this article, we are listing few of them..

Title with high search engine visibility

Title of a page is the most important fact the we should care about while designing a web page. Because search engine results is the way how users find a their desirable page. Always start the title with few of the most appropriate simple word which carries the content of that page. This will make easier for the customers to navigate to a certain page which they want to visit.  and also this will help a multi window using customer to differentiate their browser tab if they use one or more window at a time.

Fixed Font Size

Always go for a fixed font size for your website. This will enrich the uniformity on your page and also makes an impression in customers. However, it’d be great if you consider the user’s preference and let them choose their font size at their wish.

Go for an eye-cozy color

Always fill pleasant colors in your website, because no one will remain in your website if you use a harsh or contrasting color. This may lead customers to leave your website. Express your contents with pleasing colours and don’t give a strain to your customers.

Arrange your pages uniformly

Who likes a crowded content? No one! So your website should be uniformly arranged with necessary white spaces in between. Crowded pages may irritate the customer and make them to leave the site. Negative spaces or white spaces is an important fact to differentiate your contents and for the easy navigation to other pages. Both macro and micro spaces could be considered for the content separation.

Separate advertisement columns

This is one of the most important factors that we should care about while designing a website. Advertising should be separated from the content of your site. Keep your website in trustful manner because most of the internet users know how the banner advertisement looks like. So don’t try to cheat your customers by labeling an advertisement with your content.

Easy Navigation from one page to other

We all loves freshness. Everyone seek changes. So we must be updated and showcase our website with all its freshness every time a regular customer visits our site. But we always forget about the easiness in navigation while updating the site. Website should be updated and always user’s friendly. If our website posses hard navigation, then customers would not consider us even if the we have new content in our site.

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