The global competition among the software companies made growth more challenging for all the companies worldwide.  However, top corporate giants’ remains in the same position where they exist. No wonder, how they could position at the top as always. Because these people are implementing their operations with different business models. And also strive to provide at their best with a wide range of products and services like maintenance services, software license sales, and other customer support services.

This article includes top 5 software companies in the world which procure revenue from the software business. We are listing the top 5 in the decreasing order of their annual revenue from software.

Microsoft (MSFT)

World’s most earning software companies which always at the top and remains at the top. Microsoft remains at the top for past number of years, US$ 86.83 billion (2014). This includes commercial licensing 42.03%, Device and consumer licensing 18.8%, computer and gaming hardware 9.63%, commercial others 7.55%, device and consumer others 7.26%, phone hardware 1.96%, Corporate and other 0.42%

Oracle (ORCL)

Oracle is an American multinational computer technology corporation. Its total revenues is US$ 38.27 billion (2014), out of their total revenue, software 29.2%, service 3.7%, hardware system 5.37%. International Business Machines (IBM): One of the other giant technology companies which  has a total revenue of US$ 92.793 billion (2014), Out of US$ 92.793 billion, Global Technology Services 37.1%, Global Business Services 17.8%, Global Financing 2%, Software 25.4%, Systems and Technology 10%, Other 0.5% are the revenue segments.


A European software major generated $18.93(2014) billion in revenue from its software stream. out of their total revenue, software represents 83 percent of its business.

Symantec (SYMC)

Symantec, an American technology company generated $6.7 billion (ended March 28, 2014) in software revenue from total revenues of $6.9 billion.