I know it is really wonderful to get noticed and popularized in the cyber world. No matter if it’s your personal account or business page. As business gives money, the popularity of your business page will make you more happier.  Facebook is the most common and popular social media which we use for business promotion. You can update anything and everything about our product through Facebook. You can let people to know about your existence and growth.

Human mood swing changes by time, sometimes you may feel relieved from media sometimes may not. And also, there people who takes a long time interval from online addiction.  What if, Facebook proactively removes memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from your pages’ like counts. This might be a time when a customer once took a long off or not using their account for a while. For business people it will be like a mishap since they will lose their number of likes which had inactive customers made.
Yes, Facebook has decided to remove voluntarily deactivated and memorialized accounts from page likes. On March first week onwards, Facebook inscribed this on their blogspot which will help customers to get exactly overview on a business pages and to make audience data even more meaningful.

And also, they wrote that this will make business more active and effective by active user. It is easy to search for audiences with lookalike audience search tool even though shows a dip in the number of Page likes as a result. This will make the data consistent and accurate. And the news is that, once the customer re-activated their the likes and comments will be re-added to the page.

So page admins, be alert at your page promotion and don’t let you page down with this dip in your page likes. Facebook is providing more options like lookalike audience search tool, go for it.